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Platform:Windows Phone
moTweets for Windows Phone 7
$1.99 USD
For Windows Phone
Get it now for your Windows Phone
For Windows Phone
Get it now for your Windows Phone
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Experience Twitter from your Windows Phone with moTweets, the Premiere Twitter App! With all of the features you would expect from a great twitter application, plus so much more! Post to multiple accounts with ease. Use your Stream to view the timelines that you want to quickly access. Follow users near your location and view their tweets using the Map View. Easily view pictures that you or others have posted on the new Image Wall. Keep up to date with your friends by adding your Facebook wall.

  • Use up to six (6) Twitter or Facebook accounts simultaneously.
  • Upload pictures using your device’s camera or from the photo album.
  • Add your location to your Twitter post using your phone's GPS.
  • tinyurl.com, bit.ly, twitpic.com, yfrog.com and Plixi/TweetPhoto support.
  • View Trends, Lists and Conversations.
  • View user’s background in the user details screen.
  • Live Tile & Toast notifications display your new mentions and direct messages.
  • Ability to add the Post screen to the Live Tile for quick posting.
  • Streams allow you to add and view multiple timelines including Search results, RSS feeds.
  • View tweets near your location and view them on a Bing map.
  • Three (3) skin themes to choose from.
  • Image Wall displays all images from your timeline as well as ones you've uploaded.
  • Translate Tweets, Search Twitter topics, locations and users with ease.
  • ReTweet, Follow, Unfollow, Direct messages, RSS Feeds, Facebook Wall, Favorites and much more!
Windows Phone:
Min Req. Windows Phone
Memory: 1.42 mb
Details: Portrait & Landscape
Resolutions: 480x800, 800x480
File Information:
Version: 3.7.0
Language: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Russian
Trial Period: Free Ad-Supported Version Available
Version History

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Screen Shots:
Main Timeline Post Screen Map View in moTweets
Kim Kardashian Twitter Timeline moTweets Image wall moTweets Options
RSS Feeds in moTweets Lady Gaga  Twitter Profile
Britney Spears  Twitter Profile Add Streams to moTweets Charlie Sheen Twitter Profile
*Videos show moTweets version 2.0
How To Videos
Posting a Tweet:
Using Near Me and Map View:
Populating the Image Wall:
Adding an Account:
Adding Timelines to your Stream:
User Locations:

Help Document

How To Use


How To Use

Welcome to moTweets for Windows Phone 7!

Getting started:
Enter your existing Twitter Account username and password into the text boxes to begin. After entering your information, you will be prompted by a drop down window, "Add (your account) timelines to your stream?". By hitting "Ok" this will add your account timeline, mentions and inbox to your viewable Streams. You can skip entering in your account information and go straight to the default settings. If you do not have a Twitter account you must go to http://www.twitter.com to sign up for a free account. moTweets allows you to monitor up to six (6) different Twitter accounts. If you are experiencing problems signing in, please read through the FAQ and contact us using the Help Form if you cannot find a solution.

Your Stream consists of the timelines to which you want quick access. By scrolling to the left or right, you can view each timeline you have set in your Streams. You can choose which timelines you want to view by hitting thebutton on the App bar. You can organize the timelines by selecting them and hitting theUp andDown buttons located on the App bar. To remove a timeline, simply select it and hit the button. To add a timeline, hit the button and choose from the Add Stream screen. From the Add Stream screen, you can: Add a new Twitter Account, Choose from an existing account (such as lists), Add aSearch result, Add an RSS feed, Add anImage Wall and much more.



By selecting thebutton, you can quickly jump to a timeline without having to scroll from side to side.



TheRefresh button on the App bar will check for new posts on your timeline. It will only check that timeline and will only show the number of posts you have your Max Tweets set to.



ThePost screen allows you to post a tweet from any or all of your Twitter accounts (moTweets allows you to monitor up to six (6) different accounts). If you have more than one account, you must first select one or more accounts at the top of the screen. Once an account is selected, you will see the green checkmark over your account image.

Select the "Tap to Tweet" box and simply send your tweet by hitting theSend Tweet button on the App bar.

To include your tweet location, check the "Include location" checkbox.

Camera: If you wish to post an image, hit theCamera button on the App bar and choose between "Take a picture" or "Add a picture". Once your image has been selected or taken, moTweets will then upload it to the Picture Service you have selected and display it as a thumbnail and link on the Post screen.

Link: If you wish to include a link in your tweet, select theLink button on the App bar. On the "Add a Link" screen, enter the URL address you wish to include and hit theOk button when complete. moTweets will automatically send this link to the URL Service you have selected and display a shortened link on the Post screen. If you wish to verify that the link you have entered is correct, hit theVerify button first.

Contacts: To add a Contact to a Post, simply hit theContacts button on the App bar. You will then be able to select a Contact that has recently appeared in one of your timelines.

Send Tweet: When you are ready, simply send your tweet by hitting theSend Tweet button on the App bar.



Near Me:
The Near Me timeline will display tweets based on your location. There are two views for this timeline: the Standard timeline that displays the users account image and tweet, and Map View. By clicking on the Address bar (displaying your location), you will launch the Map View screen. Once on this screen, you will see Tweets displayed based in relation to your position. Use theorbuttons to zoom the map in or out. Clicking on a Tweet Pin will display the user and their tweet. Clicking on the tweet will take you to that user's Details, where you can view their timelines as well as follow/unfollow them.



Image Wall:
The Image Wall timeline is unique in that it finds images that you or others have posted within your Stream, and displays them as thumbnails. You can select an image to view the larger version. The image can then besaved,emailed,posted as a tweet; alternatively, you canvisit the html link. To remove an image simply select and hold the image and you will be prompted to delete it from your wall.



Viewing a Tweet:
By selecting a tweet from your timeline, you can go to the tweet screen and examine the tweet in detail. From this screen, you are able toRetweet,Mention the user or, if available, View the user's location. Located underneath the tweet details are your user account(s), which allow you toAdd orRemove the tweet from your Favorites. Within theFile Menu, you can choose from several options: "quote tweet", "email tweet", "sms tweet", "translate", or "view user".



User Details:
This screen displays the selected user's details. From here you can swipe to the left or right, or view his/her timelines. Underneath the user's details, you will see your user account(s), which allow you to Follow orUnfollow the user for each account. If available, you can also view the user's location by selecting theMap button.




Auto refresh:
Choose between: Off, Every 5 minutes, Every 15 minutes, Every 30 minutes, Every hour, or Every 3 hours - This option will update your Streams in the time chosen.

Max Tweets:
Choose between: 25, 50, or 100 - This option allows you to set how many tweets (items) you will see on your timelines.

Picture Service:
This option allows you to choose between "http://twitpic.com" or "http://yfrog.com" as your image service when uploading an image (from your device or your camera).

URL Service:
This option allows you to choose between using "http://tinyurl.com" or "http://bit.ly" as your URL shortening service when posting a tweet.

Live Tiles:
Choose between "On" or "Off" to toggle the use of Live Tiles.


What is moTweets?

moTweets a mobile application that allows you to experience Twitter's service from your Windows Phone. The application also makes use of other third-party services that enhance the Twitter experience.

I can’t sign in with moTweets. What could be wrong? (Help Form)

This problem could be related to one of several issues described below:

  • You have entered the wrong username/password.  Make sure to enter your username and password exactly as you have set them on Twitter.  Also make sure that your CAPSLOCK is not on when entering your password.
  • The Twitter service may be down.  It is not uncommon for the Twitter service to have network outages or overloaded capacity problems.  If you see the error message “Error: Unable to retrieve Twitter data” when signing in, a Twitter service failure is likely the cause.  The best thing you can do is wait a few minutes and try again.
  • If you get the error message “Unable to retrieve Timeline”, it is a known issue with Twitter and retrieving too many items in your timeline.  The best way to get around this is to go to Options and set your “Max Tweets” to 25.
  • If these steps do not fix the problem, please take the time to fill out this Help Form and we will try to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

How do I upgrade to the latest version?

Upgrading to the latest version of moTweets is easy. Simply click on the Upgrade button within the Marketplace and choose moTweets.

How does Live Tiles work with moTweets?

  • In the Options menu set the Live Tile to On. You will then see a custom Live Tile with the images of your accounts displayed. 
  • It will also show you the number of Unread Direct Messages and @Mentions. This is updated every hour but resets when you launch moTweets.
  • Unfortunately Microsoft does not give us control over the frequency of the updates, so moTweets can only make a request to update the Tile. We have found that the update ranges from instant to 2 days to update.
  • If you are still not seeing an updated tile:
    • Please note that Microsoft has a limit for Live Tile updates, and you may have reached it with your other apps installed on your Windows Phone.
    • You can try and unpin the Tile, reset your phone, pin the Tile and then start moTweets again.

If you are still not seeing an updated tile:

  • Please note that Microsoft has a limit for Live Tile updates, and you may have reached it with your other apps installed on your Windows Phone.
  • You can try and unpin the Tile, reset your phone, pin the Tile and then start moTweets again.

There is a known issue with Live Tiles that we’re hoping Microsoft will address in future updates of its operating system: http://mobilitydigest.com/the-live-tile-debacle-and-a-solution-sort-of/


Will moTweets run on my phone?

moTweets will run on any Windows Phone 7 device. If you are unsure about your device having support for moTweets, please try our free ad-supported version or email us at Support.

What if I don't have a Twitter Account?

You can use the moTweets application without a Twitter account but will not be able to post, follow or any other interaction with users. If you do not already have a Twitter account, you must first sign up for one on the Twitter website. You will not be able to create a new account within moTweets.

Why am I receiving SMS messages to my phone? Is moTweets sending them?

No, moTweets will not send you SMS messages. If you are receiving SMS messages, you have entered your mobile phone number through the Twitter website and must deactivate that service from the Twitter website.

How do I find out what's new in the latest version?

You can see the version history, located on the moTweets description page. This pop-up window provides information on the changes from version to version. You can view the version history by clicking here.

Can I type messages that are longer than 140 characters?

No, that feature is not available in this version of moTweets.

How does the Image Wall work?

The Image Wall is unique in that it grabs images from all of your timelines and places them on your wall. It will also check twitpic and yfrog for images that you have posted from any of the accounts you have assigned within moTweets. As you check your timelines more you should see your Image Wall grow. You can remove any images by selecting and holding down on the image. You will then be promopted to delete the item from your wall.


  Terms of Use