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Panoramic Software Inc.
Platform:Windows Mobile
Panoramic Calc Pro
For Windows Mobile
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Panoramic Calc Pro
offers more power, more features and the most accuracy than any other mobile calculator. With 10 powerful calculators and 10 additional Financial calculators, Calc Pro is by far the top choice to replace your default Windows Mobile calculator. With five calculator modes, five display options, and five skins, Calc Pro works the way You want. You can use Panoramic Calc Pro to perform any of the standard or advanced operations for which you would normally use a handheld calculator.

  • Ten calculators included for uncluttered and efficient performance: Standard, Scientific, Base Conversions, Graphing, Unit Converter, World Currencies, Date & Time (Touch Screen Only), Constants, Financial, and Statistics
  • The Financial Calculator contains 10 powerful calculator worksheets to help solve common financial problems
  • Five (5) display options: normal, fractions, scientific, engineering and fixed (2-10 decimal places)
  • Five (5) calculator modes: simple, algebraic, direct algebraic, expression and RPN
  • Copy and Paste functionality allows transfer of results to other programs, such as Excel and Word
  • Option for use of regional settings to format onscreen answers
  • Open and Saving of CSV files for both regression worksheets
  • Easy to use menu systems for quick and intuitive navigation
  • Record Tape option outputs a text record of all your calculations so you can review later
  • Quick Toggle button to return to the previous calculator
  • Five (5) custom skins
  • Finger friendly buttons and menus for touch screen devices
  • Simple to use - most options are available just by tapping the display (Touch Screen).
  • "Smart Input" technology prevents you from entering invalid expressions and avoids errors
Windows Mobile Professional/Classic:
Min Req. Windows Mobile Professional/Classic 5, 6, 6.1 or 6.5  
Memory: 600 kb
Details: Works on any screen size
File Information:
Language: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French
Trial Period: 4 days
Version History

Windows Mobile Standard:
Min Req. Windows Mobile Smartphone/Standard 5, 6, 6.1 or 6.5
Memory: 600 kb
Details: Works on any screen size
File Information:
Language: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French
Trial Period: 4 days

Calc Pro Windows Mobile Support

Windows Mobile Professional/Classic Screen Shots:
Standard Calculator   Scientific Calculator Financial Calculator
Standard Calculator
Scientific Calculator
Financial Calculator
Unit Converter Calculator   World Currencies Calculator Graphing Calculator
Unit Converter Calculator
World Currencies Calculator
Graphing Calculator
Graphing Calculator   Constants Calculator Base Conversions Calculator
Graphing Calculator
Constants Calculator
Base Conversion Calculator
Statistics Calculator   Date & Time Calculator Calc Pro Main Menu
Statistics Calculator
Date & Time Calculator
Touch Menu
Statistics Calculator (landscape view)   Financial Loan Calculator (landscape view)
Statistics Calculator (landscape view)
Financial Calculator (landscape view)
Windows Mobile Standard ScreenShots:
Windows Mobile Standard Windows Mobile Standard
Windows Mobile Standard Windows Mobile Standard

Windows Mobile Professional/Classic Video Demo:

This Is The One To Purchase
Posted on Handango.com - February 2009
Ron Jersey, Naples, FL

If you want a multifunctional calculator with graphing capabilities, this program exceeds the expectations. Great product that should be advertised and promoted better. I loikitalot. It is not a Texas Instrument graphing calculator but it has some features that you won't find on a TI-calc, so its a fair trade-off.

Great Application - Much More Than a Calculator
Posted on Handango.com - January 2009
Jeff, Rockville, MD

I am running this Panoramic CalcPro on an AT&T Fuze(WM 6.1). This is a great calculator with lots of features (e.g., a currency converter that is capable of automatically downloading currency data) and options (multiple calculators, algebraic, RPN, etc.). It is also visually beautiful and well-laid out. Absolutely Great Customer Service.

Emailed Quote
Emailed to Panoramic Software Inc. - January 2009

I tried Panoramic Calc Pro and it's quite extensive. The thing that really hooked me was the time calculations... something that's been a pet need of mine for years (as a Project Manager).

Best and Getting Better
Posted on Handango.com - December 2008
Mike May, Sheffield, UK

A fully-featured, easy-to-use calculator with some nice little touches (such as the ability to switch between two of the calculator types with a single click). A hard-to-produce bug was fixed overnight - that's service you don't see every day. I fully expect to see this calculator develop further over time, which is another reason why I chose it over the 20-odd others I tried.

Excellent, this is the one!
Posted on Handango.com - December 2008
Steve, Olympia, Washington

A clean and finger friendly user interface is just the first of many great features. Everything feels well thought out. I tested most of the commercial and freeware calculators I could find; this was the best. I love the Paper Tape log; a feature absent from most of the competitors. Best of all when I wrote the author he responded in a timely and friendly manner!

The Best Calculator for Windows Mobile
Posted on Pocketnow.com - December 2008
Chuong Nguyen

If you're looking for the Swiss Army knife calculator, then look no further than Panoramic Software's Calc Pro. The calculator is officially replacing 1-Calc from OmegaOne as my default favorite calculator. Calc Pro offers a unit converter, time converter, statistics calculator, financial calculator, scientific calculator, standard calculator, graphing calculator, and world currencies conversion with downloadable exchange rates for accurate conversions.

I am not sure how the calculator will work on devices without hardware navigation pads (either a directional pad or a trackpad like the Omnia, Epix, or Saga) as you have to use the directional pad to switch between the various different calculators so Touch HD users may be out of luck at this point.

Calc Pro is one of the more expensive Windows Mobile titltes at nearly $25, but you do get a lot if you need all the extra features and functionality in one calculator.

How do I graph using the variable X? For example y=5X²?

At present Calc Pro requires you to press the multiply button (x) between numbers and the variable X. So to graph your equation would be entered 5xX²+8.

Also note: f(x) is another notation for y.   f(x) = 3xX is the same as y = 3xX for 2D graphing.

Q: How can I use fractions in the scientific calculator?

A: Calc Pro has a fraction display mode ('Notation' in the options) what that means is that Calc Pro will display fractions rather than decimal numbers when possible. You can still use the calculator as you normally would but all answers will be displayed as fractions regardless of the input.

Now if you'd like to do calculations based on fractions you can simply use the divide button to represent fractions. For example, to add 3/4 to 1/3 you would press:

3 ÷ 4 + 1 ÷ 3 =

You may find it easier when working with fractions to use the Expression Calculator mode so you can see your entire equation.

The only cavat - you'll need to use brackets with our solution when using mixed fractions.

Q: Will Calc Pro use my data plan when updating currency conversions?

A: Panoramic Calc Pro will only update the currency conversion rates when you want it to.  Simply push the update button and Calc Pro will use the currently available internet connection.  If you would like to use WiFi or your desktop computer's internet connection, simply establish that connection first and then press the update button.  Updates typically only take a few seconds to complete.

Q: How do I find out what's been updated in the latest version of Calc Pro?

A: This will be added to the website soon.  In the short term, update information is posted at techwireless.blogspot.com

Q: Will Calc Pro work on my device?

A: Panoramic Calc Pro will work on any Windows Mobile 5.  It dynamically scales itself to work on any screen size and has been designed to work on devices with or without keyboards, touch screens or number pads. 

Q: How do I get additional help with Calc Pro?

A: If you can't find the answer to your question here please send us an email.  We're always happy to answer questions and we typically respond in less than 48 hours.

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