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Panoramic Software Inc.
Platform:iPhone & iPod
Calc Pro Free for the iPhone or iPod Touch

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Calc Pro Free - The Top Mobile Calculator!

Build your own calculator!

Customize Calc Pro by purchasing only the calculators and features you need! Choose from up to 8 calcs to create the perfect all in one calculator! Calc Pro Free comes with the Standard and Scientific calculators found in the full version.

The top mobile calculator is now available on your iPhone and iPod Touch! The only calculator on the app store that can truly replace your pocket calculator. Calc Pro offers more power, more features, more accuracy and is by far the top choice to meet your educational, business, or household needs.

Free Features Include:

  • 2 powerful calculators:
    • Standard Calculator
    • Scientific Calculator (includes RPN mode)
  • Five display options: normal, scientific, fractions, engineering, and fixed (2-10 decimal places)
  • Five calculator modes: simple, algebraic, direct algebraic, expression, and RPN
  • Tape View displays your recent equations and allows you to copy or email them

In App Purchases:

  • Base Conversions
    • Convert between 8 different number bases including Decimal, Hexadecimal, Binary and Octal.
  • Graphing Calculator (8 equations)
    • Advanced graphing functions: simultaneous graphs, find points on the graph and show tangents
  • Unit Converter (over 3000 conversions in 19 categories)
  • World Currencies Converter (150+ currencies updated daily)
  • Constants (Over 1500 constants in 4 categories: Mathematics, Physics, the Solar System, and the Periodic Table of Elements)
  • Financial Calculator (with 10 worksheets)
    • Mortgage Calculator (with Amortization Tables)
    • Tip Calculator
    • Loan Calculator
    • Time Value Money worksheet
    • Financial Date worksheet
    • Percentage Change worksheet
    • Break Even worksheet
    • Profit Margin worksheet
    • Depreciation worksheet
    • Compound Interest worksheet
  • Statistics Calculator with 8 types of regression analysis and graphing
  • Date & Time Calculator (with lunar moon phases)
  • Design Pack: Five skin styles each with ten color schemes
  • Full version: Includes all 8 calculators and the design pack.
Device iPhone & iPod touch
Version 5.1.4 Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
Version 4.1.0 Requires iOS 6.0
Size 17.8 MB
Language English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Italian, Dutch, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Russian, Traditional Chinese
Universal App No  
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Calc Pro Free Screenshots
Calc Pro for iOS

Calc Pro for iOS

Calc Pro for iOS

Calc Pro for iOS

Calc Pro for iOS

How To Use Calc Pro - Manual

Calc Pro Manual

Full Version of Calc Pro Shown

Review: Calc Pro – Perform Calculations Like Never Before
posted on mactrast.com - Henry Taylor-Gill - September 03, 2012

One of the biggest letdowns of the iPad (and they’re aren’t many) is that it lacks an inbuilt calculator. And the problem with the iPhone’s calculator is that it can’t do conversions including currency.

Bottom line is that iOS is disappointing from a calculating point of view, but CalcPro (for both iPhone and iPad) brings advanced calculator functions including graphing and financial calculations to iOS for an experience every boffin would love. (Read More...)

Calc Pro Free
posted on appsalute.blogspot.com - August 25th, 2011

Just came across something I'd been looking for months for......a calculator for my iPhone. Yes, I know there's a calculator already on the phone when you buy it, but this new one has something very unique about it (as far as I can see)... (Read More...)

Calc Pro Claims To Be The Top Mobile Calculator Because It Is
posted on appadvice.com - Samuel L. Lytle on Fri June 17th, 2011

Calc Pro – The Top Mobile Calculator by Panoramic Software Inc. is a mathematics app that promises to exceed the functionality and customization that the built-in iPhone calculator offers. It features 10 different calculators, financial worksheets, five skins, nine color schemes, eight supported languages (Read More...)



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