With products ranging from Social Media, Music, Education and Games, the Company has distributed millions of unique product copies worldwide. The technologies behind these successful products can be put to work for you!

Social Media

Panoramic Software Inc. has created a cross platform technology to easily browse, edit and interact with almost every popular social network in use today (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, YouTube, Flickr, Bing, Google News, Google+, Instagram, iTunes, RSS, and much more). By combining certain social actions (streaming, sharing, searching, posting, etc.) into a framework, Panoramic is able to create unique experiences and applications for many real world scenarios. This technology can be seen in action within the iphone app, onTune FM.


scrn_radioPanoramic Software has developed technologies in music from digital tuners to streaming audio & video with seamless playback of your favourite music located in the cloud. This technology combined with social media makes for a powerful combination.

We can power your content with onTune FM. Expand your audience and control your own mobile solution by putting onTune FM’s technology to work for you. Use the OnTune FM technology to create the perfect app for your Radio Station, Band, or On-Demand service! With deep social integration, this application will help expose you to new audiences, friends and followers.

With the potential to increase listeners both locally and internationally the application has huge growth potential and can generate additional revenue through in-app advertising/purchases and affiliate sales.

We can customize your solution with deep social media integration, ads, contests, local news all controlled by you. Analytics and much more!


We believe the educational sector on mobile devices will see exponential growth over the next few years. As more and more classrooms move away from textbooks, mobile devices and the software tools to power them will become the standard. Panoramic Software’s existing technologies are already helping to improve the learning experience around the world.


Panoramic Software has always had a passion for creating fun and engaging pick-up style games. Our games range from exciting card games such as Blackjack and Freecell to strategic puzzle games like Ultimate Sudoku and Animal Rescue. Panoramic Software’s technology can be utilized by company’s that wish to re-brand a games style and get to market quickly.

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