Panoramic Software Announces the Release of onTune FM


Panoramic Software Announces the Release of onTune FM

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA–(June 15, 2015) – Panoramic Software Inc. (“Panoramic” or the “Company”), a mobile software development company, is pleased to announce the launch of onTune FM for the iPhone. OnTune FM allows you to discover and connect socially with your favourite artists faster than ever before.

OnTune FM displays the artists’ social media feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Soundcloud depending on the artist or band you are listening to. Unlike other services that just display links to the artist’s social accounts, onTune FM will display the feeds in an easy to read list that will keep the user engaged for hours. Listeners that were unfamiliar with an artist are now exposed to their latest social media, discography and biographies.

OnTune FM allows the user to listen to or watch music from YouTube videos, streaming radio or just from their own iTunes device library. OnTune FM contains radio internet streaming services such as Radionomy, SHOUTcast and CBC Music with hopes of adding additional services in the near future.

OnTune FM offers its own trending lists that are based on what the users of the app from around the world are listening to. This makes discovering a new artist and their music easy.

In today’s competitive market Panoramic Software sees lots of potential for future synergies between on-demand music services who are looking to stand out, and the technology behind onTune FM. By providing a social experience around the music being played we create a deeper connection between the audience and the artist.

OnTune FM is available for download from the Apple App Store or by linking through the website,

About Panoramic Software Inc.

Panoramic Software Inc. is a private company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Since its inception, Panoramic has endeavored to become a recognized leader in mobile software applications. The Company is committed to creating high quality, innovative and visually appealing products for the Smartphone market. For more information, visit

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